Responsive web Framework


Reserved words

There are some variables, objects and words used throughout development, which are reserved.


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Absence of prefixes and predefined suffixes

In some cases, as in the case of temporary variables, the prefix of the type of data type can be suppressed, since it is not relevant to the context. Such is the case of counters in cycles or variables passed as a parameter that will only be executed once.

Likewise, there are variables formed by the suffix _my or _this are used to refer to or distinguish the variables of a data in question or values within a cycle; respectively.
Of these values, the most common are the variables $str_thisID and $str_thisname, commonly used for storing identifier and name values, respectively. It is important to note that references to identifiers in variables use the uppercase ID termination, being the only case.

Reserved words

Some words are reserved for certain data or references


  • sup/
  • mod/


  • _adm
  • _usr
  • _this
  • _my


  • $cgi
  • $nav
  • $env
  • $db
  • $usr


  • user
  • admin
  • session

DB fields

  • id
  • name
  • created
  • author
  • setup
  • active


  • id

Special considerations

There are data types, such as boolean that although in some of the implementations exist natively to the language (php, js), the same does not happen in others (mysql, perl); for this reason, the use of the values of 1 and 0 will be found as equivalent to solve this conflict.

Migration to other languages

Probably, in some cases it is not desired that certain routines be performed in one language but in another, being the most probable case the one of the scripts. In that case, simply redesign the routines by their equivalent in another language, such as Ruby, Phyton and if necessary, change the location of those files.