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Dictionaries (js)

Throughout the system are several files that contain the idiomatic equivalents of words


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Description and use

Throughout the system, under the subdirectories lang/ are tables of idiomatic equivalents contained in an object called hash_DICT within a file called lang_CODE Where CODE is the two-letter key for the language.

This object is created when the page is loaded, and then add the values corresponding to the language of the interface.
The system script (siteup.js) locates elements that contain the .label < / dfn> or be that label, substituting its value for the equivalent, according to the following rule:

<input .label/>
Sustitutes value
<img .label/>
Sustitutes title
<a .label/>
Sustitutes alt
<* .label/>
Change the content between start and end tags. Usually used with <span .label/>.

It is important to note that the values to be replaced must be written in capital letters and must consist of a single word written in English. This allows a quick identification of those without equivalent and if javascript is disabled, still allow functionality.

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