Responsive web Framework



Navigation bar generator on the control panels


(minimum width: 480px)


Contains the data corresponding to the navigation bar for the control panels of the system.


Stores internally the values of service, subservicio, action; Both information taken from the database (service tables, subservice) and received parameters and information from other objects $env->str_AVAILABLEACTIONS. This is why it should be loaded only if the user is signed and the previous objects have already been loaded (env, db, usr).

In the case of the parameters, when it comes to service or subservice, an array is sent as a parameter instead of a single value, the first element being the service identifier (common usage) and the second the identifier of the particular service being modified



Offers just 2 functions:

Returns a hashes array, which will be used to make the list of links as a navigation bar. The array is returned sequentially according to the elements that will be displayed, where the values contained are:
Link class. Possible values: serv, subs, action, log.
Associated classes. It is made up of the level classes (nav_lvl1, nav_lvl2, nav_lvl3) that the degree of indentation, .nav_path if it is part of the route, and .nav_active if it is the selected option.
Page where it links
Parameters to receive the page to which it links.
Link name
Icon to be displayed
According to the parameter (str) received, it returns the possible actions for administrator or user, either the service or the subservicio. Possible values to receive: servadmactions, servusractions, subsadmactions o subsusractions.


The upload and deployment is done on the main page (index.php) and formatted according to the utilities in dataxchg. The object variable $nav is reserved to this NavObject object.