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Control Panels

Separate access to administrator and user, which allows to increase the security and the personalization of the system.


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Control panels

One of the big changes I decided to make with respect to other systems is the incorporation of two control panels, one for the system administrator and another for the user.

Why? It would be the first question we would ask ourselves. First, they both handle very different information; the common user must have control only on his data, while the administrator must have control over the system and the data of the users.
A second point is access security; A common user should not know how to access the administrative control panel, which is why it was envisaged that this would be in a subdomain of its own, under the name that was chosen, making it difficult to detect by intruders. This also allows the system to operate with two users of different databases, a common user with the basic permissions (select, delete, insert, update) and another with all the permissions to act with the system.

Not only the administrative control panel can be selected at will but also the subdirectory in which the user panel is located, although this would not be unknown for some other user with access. You can also disable these functions, manage them independently, all as a directory or some variants that the programmer chooses, but that depends on special cases and requirements.


Administrative and user control panels look very similar, with the advantage that they can also be configured to have a specific appearance. At the top are location data and language change, while on the side the navigation bar. This is ordered by the main services, when selecting one, the possible actions are displayed on this and the associated subservices, that even if one is selected, the related actions are shown.

At the bottom two screens of the same interface are shown. In this case the appearance has been changed by a minimalist.

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