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The original idea of ​​creating a CMS came from having been working with several of them that had emerged from a collaborative effort.

While they were easy to install, program and with a multitude of functionalities and utilities, for the very fact of being collaborative, did not follow a defined standard, but each of the programmers set their own criteria.

Another point I did not like is that the data was presented as it came from the database, combining the retrieval of information with the presentation of this, so that the design became rigid and the modification to the functionality was a rather laborious task.


Almost all the systems that I knew, started from a single language (PHP or ASP) to perform all their tasks both query and data transformation, so that in case of systems that required special processing, it was necessary to acquire external libraries not always free or the scope of development was limited. Given my knowledge in the Perl language and its functionalities repository, even if it was a language already with years, found it a good option to leave all that was the manipulation and conversion of data to this language and the recovery and presentation of these to the first mentioned.


Knowing that there is a wide variety of databases, that other programmers might want to use other languages ​​for their processes with which to feel more comfortable and to the problems commented in my first paragraph, is that I chose to make it as modular as possible.


This first development was done in a structured way for web-based systems 1.0. Over time this evolved, came the trend of web 2.0 and a friend made me see the need to reprogram this as objects. Unfortunately many things crossed the road and I did not realize it, except to place it as a system that would incorporate in my developments and to sell it independently.


Over time new tools appeared, new features (like jQuery) I learned from previous implementations that there were things needed and others did not (I got like 7 versions before) and recently with the responsive code I had to add new utilities.


This is what led me to take this new version, due to the modifications it has undergone over time, its reprogramming and incorporation of technologies I chose to say that it is version 10 but possibly just the 6 or 7.


It is true that I still have much to progress and reorganize the current, and that new changes as proven, revised and all, but in what I advance (or we advance in that way) it is available here, hoping it is useful and to his liking.


The name of SiteUP! has changed over time. At first it did not have a defined name because it was only a set of functionalities, which were grouped as they grew under the name of JPanel .

As time passed and elements were added I decided to make it a little more formal, I replaced the name with something that started with e-, but since that was already very vitiated, I chose to use i- and leave it as i-Mentha < / Strong>, which I migrated again by replacing it with the current SiteUP! in order to prevent problems with a certain company that uses this kind of prefix.

So if you ever find the names of JPanel , i-Mentha or SiteUP! , all are the same product at different times and different form of coding.