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Site UP!

SiteUP! Is a responsive and interactive development framework for web sites agnostic to the design and representation of data, which makes it highly flexible and robust, modularly organized allows the exchange of programming languages or platform avoiding restrictions of additional applications.


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What is SiteUP! ?

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The need to streamline the development of responsive websites using a content management tool (CMS) that is agnostic to the design and representation of data, that allows to easily interchange parts of its code and to personalize in technology as in design and functionality according to the necessities of development; is what led me to create the SiteUP! Suite

Created in open source and using technologies such as HTML5, JS, jQuery, CSS3, PHP, Perl, MySql, but allowing them to replace some of them or integrate new ones, together with online documentation, documented code and the use of standards throughout the system, becomes a viable tool for programmers and software developers who require not to be Tied to the restrictions of some application.

I invite you to know it and hope you like it.

- J Alejandro Ceballos Z